Talkin’ Alberta Baseball

We know the baseball season is over, but that doesn’t mean our coverage of the sport in Alberta will be slowing down over the next few months.

In fact, we’re proud to say we are ramping up our coverage!

We are adding our voices (literally) with the introduction of Alberta Dugout Stories: The Podcast.


More importantly: why not?

Since launching Alberta Dugout Stories in Summer 2017, we have interviewed many players, coaches, officials and others involved in the game. But it’s one thing to read what they had to say. It’s another to actually hear them for yourselves.

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The podcast will be an extension of the conversations we have been having for a while, only you will now be able to take it wherever you go, whether it’s on your commute, working out or heading to and from the ballpark.

Context is everything nowadays and to give you the full questions and answers on the stories we’re working on gives you some new insight. We hope you learn something but at the same time, hope that you’re entertained and get a chance to connect with some of the personalities of the game we all love.

Truth be told, we were actually hoping to do this a lot sooner. We talk on an almost daily basis about the things we’re doing with Alberta Dugout Stories and a podcast was identified pretty early on as the “logical next step.” But then both of us got extremely busy between late-August and early-October. Once the timing worked, we were finally able to draw up a game-plan and started putting it into action.


If we’ve learned one thing since launching Alberta Dugout Stories, it’s that everyone likes routines. Whether it was Friday Futures or 1 Thru 9 features, it was obvious that you loved some sense of regularity.

That’s why we will be getting you a new episode every week. We will aim to highlight some of the interviews we’ve done but will also sit down, just like we did in our first full episode, to talk about some of the things we have encountered in our travels.

The beautiful thing about the podcast is that we can change it up every so often with input from you. We want to make the podcast as enjoyable as possible for you. So if you ask for longer episodes or more interviews or less rambling or whatever the case may be, we are capable of making those changes.


The first place each episode will be published is through our main hosting site: Podbean. It’s an easy-to-access place which we will link up on Facebook and Twitter.

But we know that it’s not the most user-friendly spot to check it out when you’re driving or out on a run.

At the time of writing this, we have officially been added to Google Play and are now just waiting to hear back from Apple on whether or not we will be added to iTunes as well. Stay tuned to our social streams for updates on that front. And by all means, if you listen to podcasts through other platforms, please let us know about it so we can apply to have the new Alberta Dugout Stories: The Podcast added there as well.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The day after we posted this story, Apple confirmed that Alberta Dugout Stories: The Podcast has been added to iTunes.


Last but certainly not lease, we want to take a moment to thank all of YOU for your love of Alberta Dugout Stories. It’s your support that has helped us get to this point.

We are working hard on a few more little things as we head into the Christmas season, including more sponsor announcements and maybe even a prize giveaway or two!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or thoughts on what you see and hear from us, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


One more quick favour: as you’re downloading the podcasts each week, make sure to leave us a rating and a review. It’s that kind of feedback that helps us get noticed by more and more people in the podcast world.

Again, thank you all so much for supporting Alberta Dugout Stories, whether it’s through reading and sharing the stories on our website, or now listening to the new podcast!


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