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Episode 218: Saskatoon Returns to the WCBL Alberta Dugout Stories: The Podcast

Itโ€™s been nearly ten years since the Saskatoon Yellow Jackets folded, citing horrible attendance and financial losses. Since then, tires have been kicked and efforts have been made to bring Saskatchewanโ€™s largest city back into the Western Canadian Baseball League, but to no avail. At least – not until Wednesday when the league was finally able to announce that the Saskatoon Entertainment Group, which owns and operates the Western Hockey Leagueโ€™s Saskatoon Blades and National Lacrosse Leagueโ€™s Saskatchewan Rush, had the perfect plan and proposal, and will be joining the WCBL for the 2024 season. We sit down from SEG's Steve Hildebrand and Tyler Wawryk about the announcement, as well as WCBL president Kevin Kvame, who hints at some more future expansion around the league.
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