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Episode 158: Mike Frostad Alberta Dugout Stories: The Podcast

Calling the last few weeks a "whirlwind" might be an understatement for Mike Frostad. It started with unexpected playoff run by his Atlanta Braves that culminated with a World Series victory over the Houston Astros. Then came the aftermath and celebrations before everyone parted ways for the winter. Frostad not only headed back home to Alberta, but he announced he had been courted by the Los Angeles Angels to become their new director of sports medicine and head athletic trainer. We caught up with him after he spoke at the Coaching Teaching Leadership Conference in Calgary last weekend to talk about the World Series, working with Mike Soroka on his injuries, the changing landscape of being a trainer since he was with the Medicine Hat Blue Jays in the 1990's, and what his wife's support has meant to him in his journey.
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