2020 Vision

Despite a summer that pretty much didn’t happen weather-wise, the Western Canadian Baseball League is touting it as a success.

Now all eyes are on the future, starting with a 2020 season that will feature two fewer teams.

As league president Kevin Kvame told us, 2021 will also be a season of change with expansion coming to Alberta.

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Road To Recovery

Edmonton’s Erik Sabrowski was on the right path to professional baseball.

After lighting it up with the Edmonton Prospects and Cloud County Community College, he was drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2018.

But shortly after reporting to the Padres in Arizona, the left-hander learned he would need Tommy John surgery.

We caught up with Sabrowski to walk through the recovery and what’s next on his journey back to baseball.

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Senior Pitch Counts

That back-to-school feeling can hit some people harder than others. 

Classroom seating smacks several students with instant nostalgia, inspired by summer memories that fade faster than a farmer’s tan. 

Pitchers who have completed their senior season of baseball, and chased that with a final tour on the Western Canadian Baseball League (WCBL) circuit, suffer from phantom pain. They’re back at college or university to complete their education, but the baseball – at least the competitive version of it that they’re used to – has been amputated. 

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7th Inning Stretch: Hunter Boyd

Hunter Boyd has been the king of the hill for the Edmonton Prospects this season.

As the team’s ace, the right-handed pitcher from Moses Lake, Washington has been both durable and effective. 

We caught up with Boyd and asked him several questions, which he graciously answered for us as part of our 7th Inning Stretch player profile series

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7th Inning Stretch: Travis Hunt

It’s fair to say that the right fielder for the Edmonton Prospects is living up to his last name in the WCBL this season.

Whether he’s at the plate, roaming the outfield or running the bases, Travis Hunt is constantly … well, on the hunt. And the blonde batter’s efforts are paying off.

Through 40 games and 155 at bats for the Prospects, Hunt has a batting average of .316, 26 runs, 26 runs batted in (RBI), and he leads the team in stolen bases, with 21. The MVP of the 2019 WCBL All Star Game also leads all Edmonton outfielders in assists. 

We posed several questions to him for the latest chapter in our 7th Inning Stretch series.

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