7th Inning Stretch: Max Hartman

One of the younger players from Alberta who attended the recent Tournament 12 (T12) in Toronto was Max Hartman.

The 15-year-old roamed the outfield at Rogers Centre for Team Navy during the showcase event, which was hosted by Blue Jays Baseball Academy and took place from Sept. 17-21.

We spoke with the Dawgs Academy product before and after the T12 to find out more about him and what it was like to be selected as one of Canada’s top 150 baseball prospects.

He answered the following seven questions for us for our 7th Inning Stretch profile:

1. Tell us about yourself. How old are you, where did you grow up, and how did you get into baseball?

I am 15 years old, born in 2004. I am originally from St. Albert, Alberta, but in the spring I got invited to play with the Okotoks Dawgs. I went down and played with the 15U Black team in summer ball, and we won provincials. I billet in Okotoks now.

I got into baseball as soon as I could walk. My parents have pictures of me with a little wooden bat, hitting balls from a young age that I don’t even remember. I have been playing ever since.

2. What was the biggest impression you took away from playing at T12?

The great skill and ability that I was surrounded by. There were insanely good athletes and it humbled me. It will help me work harder for next year.

3. What person provided the most helpful or meaningful encounter during T12, whether it was a former Major League Baseball (MLB) player, a coach, or another player?

(Dawgs coach) Allen Cox was really supportive of me the entire time, and he helped me stay confident in myself and reinforced that I was supposed to be there and deserved to be there.

Conor Pote was also very supportive of me and always encouraged me to just relax and play the best I could and not worry.

4. What were your expectations heading into the Tournament 12?

I was just going into T12 with extreme excitement for the opportunity. I was trying to learn as much as possible from the people I talked to there.

I ultimately want to get better by learning as much as I can. T12 was an amazing opportunity for me, especially because of how young I am. 

5. What has your experience at Dawgs Academy been like so far?

Incredible. The first practice I had with them, a whole bunch of coaches were looking at me and adjusting my swing to ultimately make me better.

Max Hartman connects with a pitch … photo courtesy Max Hartman

Allen Cox has been a giant part of my life. He changed my swing in order to improve it in the long term and be better in the future. He constantly believed in me throughout the year. I am extremely blessed to be part of such a great academy.

6. Do you play any other sports?

I used to play hockey. I quit when the age group went into hitting and contact. My parents didn’t want me to get a concussion, because they feel that my brain is as important as my sports. I enjoy watching hockey though.

7. What is the best baseball advice you’ve received?

“Affect the game by doing the little things right.” Sean Erikson, one of my old coaches from St. Albert told me that.


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