7th Inning Stretch: Davis Todosichuk

The Okotoks Dawgs have put together another powerhouse regular season in 2019, thanks in no small part to Davis Todosichuk.

In 43 games and 140 at bats for the Dawgs, the Kelowna native has a robust .343 batting average, 17 RBI and 39 runs. The centre fielder also leads the team in stolen bases, with 18. In addition, Todosichuk sports a perfect fielding percentage this season in the Western Canadian Baseball League (WCBL).

With playoffs just around the corner, the right-handed hitter will be one of several key players called upon to help deliver postseason success to a team desperate to make it past the first round. The Dawgs have been eliminated by the Edmonton Prospects three straight years, and they have once again drawn an opening playoff matchup against their northern rivals.

This is Todosichuk’s first year in Okotoks, so he doesn’t have a full appreciation of the postseason angst between the Dawgs and the Prospects. But he recently wrapped up his senior year with the Okanagan College Coyotes, where he won a Canadian College Baseball Conference (CCBC) title in 2018. The Dawgs hope he can deliver some of that championship swagger to Okotoks.

Davis Todosichuk looks out from third base at Seaman Stadium … photo by Ian Wilson

We had a quick conversation with Todosichuk as part of our 7th Inning Stretch series. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Give us a bit of background on your recent playing career. Where were you before you came to Okotoks?

I was born in Kelowna, out in British Columbia, and I stayed in Kelowna and I played college at Okanagan College in the CCBC and I have for the last four years.

2. How would you assess your 2019 summer campaign in the WCBL?

It’s been really good. It’s gone well, so far. I’ve been hitting the ball well and playing defensively fine, so I have really no complaints.

There’s a lot of good arms in the league, which is kind of fun to face, and each day is kind of a new challenge and new arms to see, but it’s a lot of fun.

3. With you finishing up your senior season at Okanagan College, how does that impact your approach to this season? Does it make you a little more nervous, or alter your goals at all?

I wouldn’t say nervous, more so appreciative and just eye opening, because when this summer is done, I’m potentially done, right?

Todosichuk runs back to the dugout between innings in Okotoks … photo by Ian Wilson

I’ve been doing this for 19 years, basically my whole life. It’s just kind of eye opening and I’m starting to respect the time I have left and just trying to take advantage of every minute.

4. What are you most likely to coddle – your bat or your glove?

My glove, for sure. My bat I just kind of throw in my bag, but my glove always stays with me.

5. What’s your preferred brand of glove?

My preference is Mizuno. It’s what I’ve used my whole life, but I switched it up this past year and a half and I got a Marucci and it’s alright, but I’ve hit the wall a couple times and a ball fell out, so I think I’ll stick with Mizuno for that question.

6. You spend a lot of time traveling in the WCBL. What’s your favourite activity on the bus?

I like playing cards … 31. That’s a good game.

7. You represented the Okotoks Dawgs at the 2019 WCBL All-Star Game. What did it mean to you to be named an All Star?

It meant a lot. There’s a lot of talent in this league that I’ve seen and I have a lot of respect for all the other players, but it’s neat to make that team, for sure.

Todosichuk has swung a hot bat this summer and will look to keep that going in the WCBL postseason … photo by Ian Wilson

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